Our Team

Program Director: Irene Lee
Irene Lee is the Project GUTS’ Principal Investigator and Program Director. In this position, she plays many roles; she organizes Project GUTS workshops, develops the curriculum, manages the program, works on the research component of Project GUTS, and shares our findings with the community and funding institutions. As a science specialist for the Santa Fe Public Schools Afterschool Enrichment Program, Irene saw first-hand the opportunities that afterschool and summer science programs can provide. Since 1998 she has been involved with the Santa Fe Institute / Massachusetts Institute of Technology Adventures in Modeling Program (NSF-ITEST), first as a participant and later as the lead facilitator. As of January 2016, Irene became a research scientist in MIT’s Scheller Teacher Education Program and Education Arcade. Irene currently serves as the Chair of the CSTA Computational Thinking Task Force and Professional Development Committee, and is a member of the CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standards writing team and the K12 CS Framework writing team.

Irene Lee received her BA in pure mathematics from the University of Chicago and her EdM in technology in education from Harvard University Graduate School of Education. She has designed and programmed educational and video games for Electronic Arts and Theatrix Interactive/Berkeley Learning Technologies. Irene is a past president and executive director of the Swarm Development Group. She served on the board of the Supercomputing Challenge and was a member of the Math and Science Advisory Committee of the New Mexico Public Education Department.

Program Manager: Paige Prescott
As someone always interested in trying new and innovative experiences for her students, Paige was an early adopter of computer modeling with students and participated in the first Adventures in Modeling workshop given by MIT at the Santa Fe Institute. Later, Paige was part of the team that pioneered bringing Project GUTS (Growing Up Thinking Scientifically) to middle school students in northern New Mexico. In this capacity she worked with students in after-school clubs to introduce them to understanding complex systems through the use of agent-based computer models. She worked to expand the project’s curriculum as well as develop and lead the teacher professional development. Paige has also developed two summer workshops for teachers on the topics of “The Origins of Life” and “Networks of Complex Systems”.

Paige is an experienced middle school and high school science teacher from Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. Paige has taught science in various parts of New Mexico as well as in Guadalajara, Mexico and most recently Bangkok, Thailand. She has taught a range of sciences (mostly biology) and her current duties include being a technology integration coach and teaching IB Biology at an international school. She is now returning to New Mexico in order to be a part of a new team that will further expand the offerings of computer programming and modeling for students as well as teachers.

Project GUTS Facilitators in New Mexico:
John Balwit
Gabrielle Beans
Joel Castellanos
Jennifer Cordova
Lina Germann
Susan Gibbs
John Paul Gonzales
Melody Hagaman
Carla Romero